Artist: Aaron "VG" Sutton

I consider myself a trans-dimensional, multi-disciplinary, afro-cosmic, ancient futurist woking on the other side of time. My work is influenced by the past (ancestors) present (self) and the future (youth). My journey began at birth (1980). A mixture of Sci-Fi, funk, Hip-Hop and video games nurtured my growth and development as a bi-costal youth trying to figure this all out.

Anime, anger, black power, voodoo, vices, the voiceless the poor and choiceless have all been a great influence on my work. Being in the streets painting amongst the homeless working in environments where life has little value and art is for the privileged solidified my "art for all" philosophy. We all deserve to see art on a daily basis. In the streets our homes in shelters etc, it helps and I’ve seen the power of expression along with exposure to creativity. Working with reStart, Synergy Services and ArtsTech for nearly a decade has been rewarding for myself and young artists that I encounter. Meeting a Black male working artist can seem like a myth to some of them, and I remain dedicated to show them no it’s REAL and you’re next :)

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