why tangled roots

InterUrban ArtHouse believes that the strongest communities value civic engagement, inclusion and social justice. We seek to cultivate these values through this exhibition and far beyond. In light of the current socio-political environment, we find these goals to be central to our mission:

  • Providing a space for all people to express their identities and share their narratives artistically; particularly minority communities who are frequently silenced

  • Helping people realize that Johnson County is not as homogenous as its reputation, and our vibrant communities are multifaceted

  • Facilitating accessible opportunities for face to face interaction between folks of all backgrounds

  • Encouraging questions and difficult, but vital, conversations about equity, civic engagement, and social justice in our community

  • Learning as a community how we can be advocates for all of our neighbors

The ArtHouse is a safe space for all respectful voices to be heard. Join us in rolling up our sleeves to learn, discuss, and engage in social justice through the arts.

exhibition and programming

Two months for locals of all backgrounds to see, speak, listen and understand our tangled roots. This event marks InterUrban ArtHouse’s ongoing role in local social justice issues.

Aug 15th - Sept 29th, Tangled Roots Show: Two months of multimedia, 2- and 3-D art exhibition, and programs featuring

  • Over 30 visual artists

  • Variety of performances

  • Classes

  • Social Justice Workshops/Discussions

8/15, Third Friday - Opening reception

9/19, Third Friday, Second reception