Artist: Amado Espinoza


Amado Espinoza was born in Cochabamba, the heart of Bolivia. From a young age he recognized a need to make music.

His grandfather, Luis Morales, was a large influence on the connection that he has with the Andean soil. With his mule, Luis trekked the high plains of Potosí, Bolivia, teaching in rural schools.

In the labyrinths of the Cochabamba central market, Amado accompanied his grandfather and his parakeets that read fortunes. He told Amado of his experiences, his thoughts... he sang to Amado songs in Quechua.

Amado loves Andean music, he feel its winds that he imagines encircled his grandfather; he feel the desires and experiences of its people's complex history.

But his music is not just Bolivian. He travel through the unique sound of each instrument, from Bolivia and beyond, taking him to landscapes that he has never been to in this lifetime, but that the spirit already recognizes.