Artist: Amanda Theologos Moore,

Multi-Media Artist

Moore Headshot.jpg

I live in the realm of “artist” – I am a painter, photographer, sculptor, creator, maker. As long as I am being true to who I am, I thrive in the realization that I am being true to who I was created to be.

My art stems from subjects that catch my eye or touch my heart. I create when inspiration strikes, and I am never quite sure what the end result will be… I let my emotions and instincts move me.

I hear in color – everything I hear gets translated in my head into colors and strokes of a paint brush. It is exhilarating to hear a story and to be able to see in my head what that story would look like as an abstract painting or sculpture. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Texas State University. I went on to design and build custom homes in the Austin area for many years. Creating has always been my passion – whether it be designing a house and watching it take form or mixing paints and watching a canvas come to life. As long as I am creating, I am being true to my passion and that is when I am at my best.