Thank you for applying to teach at the Interurban Arthouse.  

Each course proposal will be juried by Interurban Arthouse staff. Our goal is to diversify the courses taught here on a monthly basis and we intend to keep the spectrum broad and interesting.  

Artist Expectations

  • Build and maintain a following on social media. 
  • Build and maintain an email list for marketing and advertising purposes.
  • Fill out the coursework proposal submission form in its entirety.
  • If chosen, we will contact you re: dates and times.
  • You are responsible for your own turnout.  Interurban Arthouse will network and share your event(s) through our e-mail list and social media platforms, but ultimately we intend for you to build a following through your own efforts as an independent artist.  

What to expect from IUAH:

  • Your class will be added to our monthly calendar and payment and/or rsvp will be managed through our website .  An InterUrban ArtHouse representative will be present at your event to accept payments at the time of your event should you have walk-ins.
  • Your event will be shared in our monthly newsletter and on our social media channels.   This requires that you provide all necessary information by the 15th of the month prior to your event.

Pay Structure

  • If your class proposal is approved, a non refundable $25 space rental fee will be immediately due*.  
  • Class registration fees will be split 50/50 with InterUrban ArtHouse.  
  • InterUrban ArtHouse will pay Instructors via check within 2 weeks of the class.

*Use of program space not to exceed 2.5 hours.  Deposit will be refunded if an unforeseen act of nature causes an ArtHouse closure.

Ready to get started?  Tell us about your course!