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Artist: Joy Baker

Baker Headshop.jpg

Joy Baker is a multimedia artist and owner of Createful Studios, LLC. Her personal quest is to cultivate beauty and inspire joy through intricate, colorful Mandalas and other works. She works as a full-time studio artist and art instructor at InterUrban ArtHouse in downtown Overland Park, Kansas.

Joy Baker’s Mandala work appeals to her, because the process requires working from the inside-out to create beauty. It is fascinating that the artistry radiates from the center. One starts at the core and expands into fragmented pieces that fit together in a maze of color. A kaleidoscope creating order that would otherwise be considered chaos. And through this process, an entire piece is created that tells a story moment by moment. Because that is how all stories are created - moment by moment. It makes sense that Joy is drawn to this impression. She feels that is how life works. She is constantly striving to create a beautiful life by working from the inside-out.

You can find more information about Joy Baker, and her work as an artist and art instructor by visiting her company website, linked below.

Contact Information: or call (913) 201-5377