Katherine Bello

email: bellohouse@gmail.com

@katherinebello.art | http://www.katherinebello.com

Inspired by the great Abstract Expressionist of the 1940’s-50’s, I’m drawn to light, color, line and form to awaken the senses and capture the imagination. My process starts by taking in what I see, hear, and feel. I internalize and interpret, searching for a feeling, a place, a memory, a connection. My paintings evolve as I paint and I never quite know where they are going until I reach the end. I love bold, gestural mark-making and abundant use of color. Pencil and/or oil pastel drawings lie within the layers of the paint to create detail and depth. I paint daily from my home studio just outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

Claudia true

email: claudia@claudiatrue.com

website: https://www.claudiatrue.com

I make art that makes you smile! My work focuses on simplified subject matter filled with brilliant colors inspired by South Texas roots and years spent in sunny California. My goal is to celebrate the goodness in life in my acrylic paintings of florals, critters and other subjects. The utmost compliment is if you say my art makes you happy! It's always a pleasure when I can help you share the joys of painting in an acrylic class or a "paint party" in my basement studio in Overland Park. Life's short - let's be happy!

Sylvia Rose Augustus

email: augustusimages@gmail.com

website: http://sylviaaugustusimages.com

I am landscape and equine photographer. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis; a Master of Arts in Historic Preservation from Cornell University and a Master’s of Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley. I successfully completed Artist Inc., Kansas City (2016); Artist Inc. Advanced, Kansas City (2017); I am a current participant of ARTSKC Now Showing and I am a 2017 ArtsKC Inspiration Grant recipient for my ongoing project Wild Equine Running Free. My work has been exhibited at Kansas City area galleries and is part of the permanent collection at Truman Medical Center, Kansas City.

Judy Ladewig - The Serendipitous Journey

email: judyladewig@gmail.com

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I love things that have been around awhile. Their imperfections make them all the more charming and beautiful. I intuitively transform items that many people throw away - ephemera, thrift store finds, found objects - into mixed media collage and assemblage art. My completed works are truly serendipitous in that I never have the end result in mind when I start. Everything is a process of experimentation to create a pleasing finished work. My art reflects how imperfect and time-worn materials can be transformed into something that is not only beautiful, but also evokes character and charm. My pieces are timelessly whimsical and collected by people who enjoy the uniqueness of found object transformative art.

Blue Raddish

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Blue Raddish is about living. And doing. And not waiting.
Blue Raddish is about designing a life with few regrets.
Blue Raddish is a nano brand that follows me around.
Blue Raddish is inspired and tries to inspire.
Our drugs of choice are daily art therapy, storytelling, fresh air and raising good humans.

Laura Tedeschi

email: lauratedeschi.kc@gmail.com

I paint the things I find in my day to day life. They seem ordinary but when I go to paint them, lovingly, I find something extraordinary: the expressive folds of skin on a father's face, the delicate reflection of the bowls on the granite countertop, the ripples of water under the pier.

Charles M. St.clair


To quote Woody Allen, "Life doesn't imitate art; it imitates bad television."

After 30 years on the extension faculty of the University of Missouri, I retired to follow creative activities: photography, painting, sculpting, writing. I recently published a book,  Embracing the Past: Stories of the people who living historic districts, based on my doctoral dissertation and a cookbook (not based on my dissertation) entitled The Erin Go Bragh Cookbook. I’m currently working on two more books: a compilation of short stories, poems and photographs; and, a book about a small town newspaper “correspondent”. I also write a blog called All the news from Walnut Shade which recounts the goings on in a small fictional Kansas town. I’m on Twitter @Rothko291.

Carrie bernauer


“I love to study clouds and the way their colors and shapes change as they move through the atmosphere.”

Carrie Bernauer spent much of her childhood roaming the pastures of family farms, playing in nearby fields, and exploring creeks in and around the Verdigris Valley in Southeast Kansas.

After retiring from a 30-year career in market research she rediscovered her oil paints & brushes and headed to the Flint Hills for a Plein Air workshop.

Carrie’s paintings feature the rolling hills, native grasses and big skies of wide-open prairies.  She considers the fields of her childhood and the Flint Hills of Kansas to be her inspiration.

Alexej Savreux



Alexej writes, “I'm a mixed media artist & writer. I do a lot of stuff with academic material, graphics, satire, & the abstract. A sociology professor once described me as a "creative anarchist". It was probably the most apt biographical synopsis I've ever received.”


Penny Fairman


Penny Fairman is a self-taught Kansas City based artist. Her award winning art features bold colors and joyful themes. Her work is exhibited regularly in Kansas City venues and held in private collections across the United States.

penny@pennyfairmanart.com   |   Instagram

Susan Stevenson

I have a deep seated love for textiles and stitching. This medium feels natural in my hands and provides a spiritual connection for me that is both grounding and inspiring. My work is inspired by my experiences and enhanced by a love of texture, dimension and color.


Rosemary Cromer

My Muse is the World around me and my thoughts responding to this in quiet ways.


Nanci Stoeffler

My spiritual and creative journeys have led me to partner with God to learn how to express the seemingly inexpressible discoveries and stories found hidden in the invisible worlds. Along the way, I have learned to embrace, value and celebrate my natural gifts of sensing, perceiving and intuition which has led me to form my own unique painting techniques as I seek to chronicle the landscapes of the invisible worlds though instinctual, organic and map-less artistic expression.



Mary Kay Fosnacht

Mary Kay Fosnacht uses mainly commercial cotton fabric in a representational style, but also does an occasional abstract and more recently, is creating with a modern aesthetic. Mary Kay enjoys the entire process of art quilt making from conception to label, especially the creative aspect of taking a thought and making it tangible. The recipient of many local and national awards, several of her quilts have been juried in to gallery and museum exhibits around the country.


Daniel Baxley

I work with oil paints and mosaic. My inspiration comes from the unconscious. I allow spirit to move my creative process and allow whatever is present to emerge. I work with canvas or wood on the ground with action painting in the style of Jackson Pollock. On the easel my paintings are abstract expressionist in nature. My mosaics are often inspired by nature and are sometimes sculptural in nature. I also like to repurpose other objects such as old windows and other items to give them new life.



Clarissa Knighten

Clarissa's inborn creativity for design and embellishment lead her to become an entrepreneur in 2007. Her business, Rissa's Artistic Design (R.A.D.) is a haven for those who seek something special and unique. A self-taught artist hand crafting one-of-a-kind original masterpieces that will inspire your creative side. These designs range from Earthy to Edgy to Elegant. She utilizes artistic wire, gemstones , cowrie shells, buttons, wood and even tree branches in order to create works of artistry.

RissasArtisticDesign@gmail.com  |  (816) 853-9954

Debbie Froelich

I’m a Scanner described in “Refuse to Choose” by Barbara Sher. She explains there are individuals who simply cannot, and should not decide on a single path. They’re genetically wired to pursue many areas. They’re “Scanners” — people with unique minds that do not zero in on a single interest, but rather scan the horizons, eager to explore everything they see. In essence, inspiration and my inquisitiveness creates the path in what I enjoy doing that moment in time.

Helen Brewer

Helen Brewer is a self-taught mixed media collage artist who has been heavily influenced by eye-catching, high contrast graphic design. She has exhibited in the Kansas City area off and on for several years. For the last 2 years has worked on determining her style while experimenting with found and purchased papers, acrylic paints, ink and pencil.

JoEl Vogt

After 25 years as an art therapist and counselor, JoEl Vogt is spending more time in the nature preserve in the Ozarks she shares with her husband. This sanctuary of beauty invites multiple opportunities for her creative pursuits and has inspired over a decade of paintings and fiber art filled with color and light. Most recently, she is using a more conceptual approach that goes beyond what she sees and clearly reflects her inner joy and love of the natural world that surrounds her.


John Keeling


I choose to focus on the positive in life. With watercolor, I try to capture that special look in a beloved pet's eyes or the beautiful fragility of a flower. I hope the joy I feel in painting comes through to the viewer.


Sharon Rodriguez

Sharon Rodriguez is a photographer living and working in Olathe, Kansas.  Her photographic documentary work focuses on the exploration of marginalized communities. She produced a book "Homeless Not Invisible" from her photographs.

Her photographs include travel, everyday life, and her family.  She enjoys showing her work at local galleries and libraries.

Maura Garcia Dance

Dancer/choreographer Maura Garcia collaborates within communities to create stories of identity and place. She is fascinated by stories that have been hidden and the unexpected connections that arise when they are rediscovered. Originally from North Carolina, Maura is an Indigenous woman (Cherokee/ Mattamuskeet) who brings her own mixed-blood southern story to her work. Maura uses her art to form connections, to uplift Indigenous cultural values and to explore the rhythms of the natural world.


Kathryn Barker

I'm a visual artist and designer living and working in the Kansas City area. I'm a graduate of the University of Alabama (undergraduate) and Baker University (graduate). Myth and folklore have always enchanted me and I love to create work that prompts the viewer into a story. My most recent work is primarily in mixed media and incorporates painting, photography, and encaustic.


Michelle Pond

Visual art and poetry have been in conversation since the time of the ancient Greeks. I pair original poems and photographs that speak to one another. I photograph the beauty that appears in front of me every day--sunrises, plants, animals, the moon. I am taken in by patterns and relationships that I see outdoors, like a drying blossom hugging a new bud or a pair of trees that look like parenthesis. The poems tell the story of what the photographs say to me.


Heather Croxton


Karen Kaffenberger

Karen Kaffenberger is a fine artist and writer living in Overland Park, KS. She received her B.A. in Writing from Missouri State University. Self-taught, she also studied charcoal portraiture and watercolor techniques at Studio Kandè. Drawing on her experiences growing up in rural Missouri, her current focus is creating Midwestern art using watercolor, pen and ink, charcoal, and oil pastels. Karen’s artwork can be found in private collections across the United States.  www.threetrailsartstudio.com

Warren Harvey

warren harvey.jpg