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The ArtHouse operates at the cross-section of art, business and community. Becoming a business member connects you to creative, innovative artists and to the wider community with which we engage. Your business values will be aligned with community, culture and innovation, through our programming, events and marketing. 

Thanks to our 2015 Business Members

Membership Levels

Futurist: $5000+

Modernist Level Benefits, plus

  • 30% Discount on Friends of IUAH Memberships for All Employees!
  • Sampling Opportunity at Select IUAH Events
  • Employee Art Exhibition Hosted by IUAH

For contributions over $5,000, contact us to design a special benefits package just for your business!

Modernist $2000

Expressionist Level Benefits, plus

  • 25% Discount on Friends of IUAH Memberships for All Employees
  • 20% Discount on Employee Art Experience!
  • Complimentary Booth at IUAH Festivals/Select Events

Expressionist $1000

Impressionist Level Benefits, plus

  • 20% Discount on Friends of IUAH Memberships for All Employees
  • 10% Discount on Employee Art Experience!

Impressionist Level $500

Conceptualist Level Benefits, plus

  • 15% Discount on Friends of IUAH Memberships for All Employees
  • One annual Featured Sponsor Advert in the IUAH’s Newsletter, “Crossing of Spheres” – 13.5% Click Rate with over 2,000 subscribers
  • Lunch and Learn Event at Your Business
  • Artist 2 Business (A2B) Connections

Conceptualist Level $250

  • 10% Discount on Friends of IUAH Memberships for All Employees
  • 20% Discount on Event Space for your meetings!
  • Volunteer/Corporate Citizenship Opportunities at IUAH Events and New Building Renovation
  • Logo Inclusion on the IUAH Website
  • Over 2,700 page views per month!

Business Membership packages are designed to compliment your business needs, promote employee engagement and volunteerism, and align with your core values. As the table above indicates, each tier has its own unique set of benefits that allow us to create a specially-tailored package that best fits with your brand, your mission and the interests of your team.

Contact us at or (913) 432-1916 to help us create the perfect Business Membership package!


Arts Exploration

Employee Art Experience

Option 1: Host a team-building event for your staff! Let one of our artists take your employees on a creative journey that ends with each participant taking home a piece of their own hand-crafted art! (max. 15 people)

Option 2: Simply let your employees sit back and enjoy a world-class performance!

Option 3: Let your employees bring in their instruments and musical talent for a one-of-a-kind jam session led by local musicians! Call us to schedule this unique and valuable experience for your team. The best part is that we come to you!

Choose from several different activities, including:

  • Dance Performance
  • Painting
  • Jewelry-making
  • Drawing
  • Mural Creation
  • Landscape Design
  • Discounts on Friends of the IUAH Memberships for ALL of Your Employees

The more your business gives, the deeper the discount your employees receive on their Friends of the IUAH Membership! As Friends members, your employees can receive things like discounts on select classes we offer, discounts at local stores and restaurants, special cocktail receptions, a Random Act of Art, and a private art experience for their friends!

Broaden Your Business

A2B Connect
Most businesses don’t have the budget for an art department. We’ve got you covered! Contact us with your needs, and we’ll get you in touch with experienced artists from our portfolio who are looking to contract their work and expand their own business!

Discounted Event Space 
Need a creative, bright, and fun atmosphere to hold a brainstorming meeting? Have no fear, IUAH is here with a low-cost space that’s even further discounted with your membership!


Booth Sampling Space at IUAH Festivals
Complimentary space at IUAH Festivals, such as Walk Among the Arts, Arts Gala, and Arts on Fire. Feel free to set up a booth and marketing team for crowd sampling.

Featured Advert in the IUAH E-Newsletter

  • 1 featured spot in the monthly “Crossing of Spheres" e-newsletter
  • Over 2,100 subscribers with a 13.5% click-rate!

Logo Inclusion on the IUAH Website

  • 2,700+ page views per month!
  • our logo corresponds with your membership tier. The more you give, the more you’re noticed!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Citizenship/Volunteer Opportunities As a Business Member, your employees have the chance to engage with IUAH, get their hands dirty, and help out with a community arts event or the renovation of our new building!


Lunch and Learn Event
Enjoy lunch with your employees while IUAH Staff present an informational program about the organization’s mission, studios, programs, and artists!

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