Business Membership

The ArtHouse operates at the cross-section of art, business and community. Becoming a business member connects you to creative, innovative artists and to the wider community with which we engage. Your business values will be aligned with community, culture and innovation, through our programming, events and marketing. 

Your Business Membership will support:

  • Educational arts programs for under-served and at-risk elementary school students
  • Therapy programs for physically, cognitively, and emotionally challenged individuals
  • Entrepreneurship programs for developing Artists and Creatives 
  • Affordable studio space for artists and community programs

Benefits by Membership level include:

  • $250 Friend - Monthly invitation to 3rd Friday Happy Hour and gallery reception for you and your team
  • $500 Conceptualist Level - Find a spot on our donor recognition wall
  • $1000 Expressionist Level - Provides no cost entrepreneurial programming to a person in need for 1 year
  • $2000 Modernist Level -  Private art class for you and up to 7 guests
  • $5000 Futurist Level - Naming opportunity on one of our studios!
  • $10000+ Luminist Level - Key sponsor opportunity for our annual Arts on Fire celebration (2017 date for event is October 29th).