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Copy of Mindful Marketing Meet Up

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This workshop start at 6:30 pm with a roundtable discussion and feedback session centered around marketing art. If you have a marketing project you're working on, please feel free to bring it along for feedback (social media, email, e-commerce, websites, flyers, catalogs, etc). If you're new to marketing your creations, just bring yourself and feel free ask questions of and learn from others. If you're stuck, unsure, don't know what to do next on the road to becoming an artist-entrepreneur, just join us and see where the journey takes you! 

There will be a short break from 7:15 to 7:30 and then will reconvene to do mindfulness work around being a creative in a marketing world — for example, do you have trouble accepting money for your art? Maybe you don't know what to charge — or feel bad charging people for your work. Maybe you undercharge ... or maybe you get upset when people offer you less than the worth of your art. As individuals and a group, we will work through these "blocks" and offer you inspiration on how you can achieve greater success through understanding.

You can attend either or both parts of the meeting.