Summer ArtCamp!

Our fun & enriching half day programs educate, inspire & entertain your creative young artists!  Variety is the spice of life so all of our camps offer a wide range of project topics and supplies that will spark their creativity & expose them to a stimulating mix of age-appropriate art techniques each day.

For youth in Grades K-6   -   9am-12pm   -   M-F  $160/week

Hawaiian Delight Camp – Create your own paradise learn some tribal games and toy design. Explore paper mache, block prints, and rope making in this island trip to a enjoy the slower pace of life by the ocean. Watch out for sea monsters! For kids Grades K - 6. 

June 26th-30th (9am - 12pm)

Wizard Camp— Watch out for the wizard behind the curtain!  Is he a humbug or will he shrink you with a shrinking spell? Explore design from new heights with courage collage, Tornado Anime and Paul Klee’s world of Rainbow Color. Monkeys with wings are optional. For kids Grades K - 6. 

July 10th-14th (9am - 12pm)

World’s Fair…Paris! – Time travel back to Toulouse Lautrec’s 20th century France! Explore up-cycled materials and to Invent your world’s fair exhibit. Design, painting, textiles and ceramics will be just a part of this international adventure. For kids Grades K - 6. 

July 17th-21st (9am - 12pm)

Invention Camp— You are the next Da Vinci. Make models, planes, robots and your own Da Vinci code that only you can decipher. Explore drawing, sculpture, and have a mysteriously good time. For kids Grades K - 6. 

July 24th -28th (9am - 12pm)

Space Race Camp—Splatter, swirl, shine. Design your own world and the aliens you find there. Explore with art projects like collage, comics, sculpture and design. Join the race today for a Whoovian good time. For kids Grades K - 6. 

July 31st - August 4th (9am-12pm)

CANCELLATION POLICY:   A non-refundable 50% deposit, per child, per session, is required to register. The full balance (less your deposit) is due no later than the Friday before your camp starts.  If you need to cancel and have already paid for the session, your payment (less the non-refundable deposit) will be refunded if we are notified in writing 10 days prior to the start of camp.

If you’d like to change the camp dates & times, please submit a change request via email at least one week prior to the start of camp to ???, and we will be happy to accommodate your request, space permitting.