Artist: Camry Ivory

Ivory Headshot.JPG

Camry Ivory is a musician by trade, and is an active performer in the KC music scene, lending her vocal and instrumental skills to various musical endeavors, ranging from jazz and funk to folk and psychedelic rock. She developed Coloratura to explore the innate synchronicity between color and sound and to fully express her artistic and musical inclinations.  

Coloratura was initially created as a one-time performance piece for the Downtown Kansas City's Art in the Loop Series in 2015.  However, the project received a great deal of positive feedback, leading Ivory to continue developing Coloratura and identifying new avenues to share the project with more people.  

Since its initial debut in 2015, Coloratura has been showcased at the St. Louis Murmuration Festival, the International Folk Alliance Festival, Arts KC Fund Campaign Events, and the Kansas City Maker Faire, where it received a 'Best in Show' distinction. 

"Courage does not always roar; sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day that says, 'I will try again tomorrow'"

- Mary Ann Radmacher