Artist: Clarissa Randolph

Randolph Headshot.JPG

As the daughter of an artist mother, I assumed that painting/creating art was just another normal thing that people did, something as expected as the next meal. As with most things that feel natural, I took its necessity for granted; went to school, got a degree in Physical Therapy, got married, and got “a real job.”

Science replaced creative expression until an unlikely friendship encouraged me to see it differently. Lois Jordan, an artist, and the wife of a patient of mine, immediately invited me to her studio in Brunswick, Maine to paint. Lois had a contagious enthusiasm and a vast lifetime of knowledge in her craft, revealing to me that artistry is a gift, essential and joy producing!

As my mentor and instructor, Lois educated me in the painting methods and techniques of the old masters, and contemporary artists that we admired. Through thoughtful study and dedicated practice, my own rather impressionist style emerged, layering up and underpainting to allow each scene to evolve as I interpret it. I am inspired by the beauty in natural landscapes, and since moving to the “middle of the map,” have been swooning over the dramatic skies and open wild prairies. My love of nature and it’s Creator are reflected in my brushstrokes, and are representative of the freedom of spirit that comes with acknowledgement of that gift.

Contact Information: or call (828) 577-2407