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When reviewing applicants, we will take many things into consideration including each applicants:

  • ambition to progress and develop their studio practice
  • commitment to actively use the studio space (minimum average of 3 days a week).
  • when/if able, dedication to using their art expertise in the community to mentor, apprentice, support, present, and/or teach
  • propagation of their art form through events, activities, performances and classes.
  • commitment to participate in the artistic community

If selected, you will be required to:

  • pass a criminal and credit background check ($35)
  • sign the License & Policy Agreements

Ongoing, studio "license" holders will be asked to:

  • consistently pay charges fully and on time.
  • participate in open studio events
    • at least, eight 3rd Friday open studio events,
    • on-site festivals,
    • welcoming day-to-day visitors
  • actively work towards waste reduction and participate in our landfill diversion programs by composting and recycling materials whenever possible.
  • commit to keeping the arthouse clean and presentable and keeping our environment polite, inclusive & respectful.
  • promote the ArtHouse through your social media and other business profiles.
  • participate in periodic:
    • respectful discussions and meetings
    • mentoring and art critiques
    • presentations and exhibitions.

In applying for space at the ArtHouse, you should understand that:

  • The occasional open studio hours will require interaction with the public, including children. Artists are expected to allow visitors to enter their space and talk to them about their creative process, technique, or other questions.
  • Artists are also required to maintain a clean, presentable, and safe studio during the open studio hours.