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This submission form is for Exhibition, an LGBTQ+ Gallery show spanning June 21st- July 19th of 2019.

All submissions must be received by 5/30/19. 

Submission does not guarantee admission into the show.

 This show is for all artists, musicians, and storytellers in the LGBTQ+ community to tell their stories an share their experiences with the world. What has your experience been? What lenses do you see the world through? How do you interpret what you see, and in what ways do you express this through your art?

Artists in the LGBTQ, Non Binary, and Asexual community are welcome and encouraged to submit work, as are artists who love and support someone from these communities. We are open to visual art, music, spoken word/performance art, and programming ideas.

This show is directed toward local artists in the Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri regions. Out of area artists are welcome to apply, but will be responsible for all shipping costs and materials, both to and from the gallery.

* While we support all forms of art, we serve an all ages population. Nudity is fine, but we are unable to display pornographic images.


  • Please submit up to 5 pieces/images and include title, medium, dimensions, and price, and if for sale.

  • If pieces are still in conceptual form, please include a description/example and 5 images of past work.

Spoken Word:  

  • Please upload a sample of up to 2 the written works you wish to read, or

  • Please upload up to 3 video/audio files of you performing your piece(s)

  • An open mic story hour is being planned. If interested in participating, please indicate on the form and give a brief description.


  • Please include links to any media showcasing the music you’d like to perform


  • Please give a description of the programming you’d like to facilitate or participate in between the opening and closing receptions (artist discussion panels, film screenings, informational/resource fair, open mic story telling, etc)

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If submitting a website, please indicate which pieces are available. If you are unable to use these programs, please email images to wolfe@interurbanarthouse.org.