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Artist: Israel Alejandro Garcia Garcia

As an artist my work is layered with my personal experiences and unanswered questions that attempt to understand the process as a reflection of self. Whether creating methodically through style and technique or through an organic and abstract thought,I reflect on the development of my work and understand how it is an interpretation of my conscious, subconscious and physical existence. I create what I see and what I feel from the world that surrounds me. By creating a space of self-reflection through various mediums and life experiences, my work has lent itself to express personal emotions and questions, that arise through my relationships with everyday life. I have come to view my studio practice as a manifestation of internal emotion, stored memories, pertinent socio-political issues, and raw passion for creation. I have come to realize my work as a body that narrates my autobiography through visual translation. In addition, the work seeks to also tell the stories of my ancestors, my elders, my peers, and my community.

I have come to understand myself as a visual storyteller. Some cultural identity elements within my work have evolved from its personal nature to a more communal dialogue, hoping to connect and possibly empower diverse communities by providing those transformative views in my life.

As a person of self-expression, growth, trial, and errors, all of which fuel and define my artistic process, the larger picture is to go outside of myself as I attempt to provide a medium through which any collective of people can address the issues impacting themselves and the greater society. I envision a cultural artistic landscape that fully values and integrates the essential contributions of an expanding Latinx field of arts, and its dynamic workforce and communities. My passion is seeking understanding, or theprocess of attempting to understand something that is conceptual while adapting it to whatever is necessary to manifest that idea. I attempt to keep concepts as true to myself as the voice I have established along my creative path.

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