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Artist: Glenn Lavezzi

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Sculpture, for me, is a personal endeavor, an attempt to show and illuminate a chosen moment in time. Since I was a small child, I have always used sculpture as an outlet for self-expression in my life.  I draw my creative inspiration from my own life, nature, myth, dance, children, and even song. I sculpt in both water and oil based clay, trying to encapsulate a fleeting mood or feeling of the human spirit in a permanent medium.  Like a photograph, great sculpture captures the essence of a moment in time.

My goal is to create works that feel real, capture the essence of a moment, and communicate moods and expressions. Most importantly my work tries to convey the universal community of the human condition. I believe that art connects people and elevates the human spirit to a higher plane.  My whimsical works are inspired by the imagination of children, songs, and books. Having a child of my own has strengthened my desire to create works that draw and reflect my inner child. My figurative and portrait work is inspired the human form in all stages of life. Bringing families loved ones to life through sculpture is a very emotional and rewarding experience for both the client and myself.

Contact Information: lavezzisculpturearts@gmail.com or call (913) 689-8755

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