Hands That Heal Exhibition |  InterUrban ArtHouse, Overland Park, KS  |  February 16, through March 16, 2018

Hands that Heal Project Introduction  |  Caregiver Nomination Form  |  Call for Artists


InterUrban ArtHouse is proud to announce our opening exhibition for the 2018 calendar year.  The HANDS THAT HEAL exhibition (Feb-March) is a portrait and storytelling group exhibition, honoring caregivers who have made a difference - going above and beyond - in the treatment and recovery of breast cancer patients in the greater Kansas City area.

We are thrilled to partner in 2018 with  Bra Couture KC!  Bra Couture KC raises funds for cancer patients in the greater Kansas City area who cannot pay for their cancer supplies such as cancer medication, transportation to treatment, prosthetics, wigs, surgical supplies and lymphedema garments. Bra Couture KC serves men, women and children touched by all cancers.

In addition to the exhibition which will be open to the public, InterUrban ArtHouse will provide art therapy workshops through our ArtHeals program.  These workshops will be available for patients, survivors, families and for caregivers. 

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We are seeking nominations of caregivers who have made a difference.  If you would like to make a nomination, please do so HERE.  THE 2017 NOMINATIONS HAVE CLOSED. 


Are you an artist who would like to participate in this exhibition?  Learn more HERE.