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Joy Baker


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Kimberly Beer

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Nedra Bonds

NedraBonds_ pic.jpg

NedRa Bonds (born 1948 in Kansas City, Kansas) is an American quilter, educator and activist, born and raised in the Quindaro neighborhood in Kansas City, Kansas. Bonds creates quilts and mixed media fiber dolls using fabric, beads, and symbolism to explore issues dealing with human rightsracewomenpolitics and the environment. She is most well-known for her Quindaro Quilt, a 4’x6’ quilt detailing the important history of the historic Quindaro neighborhood and its role as part of the National Underground Railroad System of Historic Trails. As a community activist and educator, Bonds advocates for legislation, taught workshops locally and internationally, and attended the United Nations’ Earth Summit Conference on Environment and Development as a delegate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. Bonds currently lives in Kansas City, Kansas, and is a practicing artist and retired teacher. Her recent projects include her Common Threads quilt, commissioned by the Kansas City Chiefs for their Arrowhead Arts Collection, the Wak’ó Mujeres Phụ nữ Women Mural collaboration, sponsored by the Charlotte Street Foundation’s Rocket Grant Program, in Lawrence, Kansas, and her recent cancer project.Bonds was appointed to the Kansas Arts Commission by Kansas Governor Joan Finney in 1992.

Lorrie Boydston

Lori Buntin

Annette Carlson

annette carlson pic.jpg

Annette loved drawing from an early age, and excelled at many art forms in her youth.  In her late 20's, she fell in love with photography.  She taught photography through the Bemis School of Art in Omaha to kids from all backgrounds and ages.
She loved sharing how important and expressive photography can be.   

Since then she has enjoyed doing senior, family and wedding photography, as well as artistic explorations into her own photographic interests, including series on Legos and superheroes.


Brittney Carter

Jenine Casson

jenine sandnes.jpg

Jenine’s current body of work reflects her political views and her personal experiences as both a single working mother, and an educator. The medium of embroidery is a perfect outlet for her feminist perspective as it is something that has been viewed as a distinctly feminine practice throughout history.  Her pieces depict women as naked, vulnerable subjects that are straining against unseen weights. They are a statement of the pressures and ideals placed upon women which they are constantly forced to fight against and work beyond.

Mary Ann Coonrod


I was born in Warrensburg, Missouri a small college town and now live in Overland Park, Kansas. I enjoyed drawing and painting in my teenage years, creating cartoons, whimsical graphics, and abstract art. I studied art in college receiving my BFA in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute. After college I became interested in photography and worked for years as a photo retoucher and digital imager, entering many juried, group, and one person shows with my photographs, and collages. The last 12 years have been spent creating colored pencil drawings, watercolors, mixed media, and acrylic paintings. I now teach abstract watercolor and colored pencil at JCCC in the

Continuing Education Department.

Ramona Davis

Ramona Davis head shot.jpg

For Ramona E. Davis, art has been a lifelong passion. Since her youth, Davis has loved and studied art. She currently identifies as an avid art collector, artist and an arts advocate in the Kansas City area. Her professional work experience in the area of sales, marketing, and project management for both private and public sectors has enabled her to work in many diverse arenas, including Gallery Manager at The Central Park Gallery, Constituent Relations Marketing Manager at MidAmerica Arts Alliance, and charter board member of the Kansas City Museum Foundation. Perhaps because of this unique experience, Davis was uniquely poised to found the KC Black Arts Network. The KC Black Arts Network exists as an “advocate of local artists of color,” and it supports the local black artist community through services such as its online artist directory of local artists and promotion of artists’ work through social media and advocacy. According to Davis, the goal with the network is “to cultivate and support experiences between local artists of color and local art enthusiasts.” Her interests and activities include photography, acrylic painting, and color theory. Davis is a member of the African American Artist Collective and board member of Friends of Art Council at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.

Lizzie DiSilvestro

lizzy disilvestro.jpeg

Growing up in Kansas City, Lizzie was exposed to a wide range of rich culture and world-class experiences from a young age. Greatly influenced by her grandmother, a vibrant and strong female with a passion for all things artistic, Lizzie has been encouraged to create for as long as she’s been alive. With a vivacious personality and strong sense of self, the question has never been would Lizzie express herself, but how. The medium of choice has changed over the years, but paint and fiber have remained constant throughout recent years. With a background in science and nursing, Lizzie takes an analytical look at the temperament of her surrounding milieu, those that inhabit it, and the interplay between the two as a mirror for her art.

Caitlin Fields

caitlin fields.jpg

Caitlin Fields is a New Mexico native and senior at UMKC studying health and exercise science. Her drawings focus on the everyday challenges of chronic illness and her relationship to her own body. In a political environment where women’s voices and bodies are marginalized, she appreciates opportunities for women to express their experiences through art. 

Julie Flanagan

Julie Flanagan uses her 28 years of teaching at Nelson Atkins Museum to create artfully altered photos in impressionistic, baroque, pop art and post-modern styles. Chosen for countless juried exhibits and winning national awards, she shows at the prestigious Torpedo Factory in Alexandria VA and at KC's 2010 Gallery. A 4th generation KC creative figure, she's hosted 3 years of arts segments on KCTV5's Better KC Show. As a former KU artist and athlete, she founded ARTrageous Studio for 12 years.

Joelle Ford

Joelle ford - Kansas.jpg

I began studying art at Centenary College, Shreveport, Louisiana, in 1961, and completed a BFA degree with Honors from the University of Kansas in 1999. In between those dates, I married and had four daughters; worked on our rental property by knocking out walls and painting; refinished furniture and sewed clothes and costumes galore. These activities provided valuable experience and a foundation for my work in mixed media - collage and assemblage.

Gloria Gale

Headshot Glo (1).jpg

As a lifelong artist, my identity was set long before I picked up a paintbrush.  After graduating with a degree in art from the University of Missouri, I taught art grades K-12 in both public and private schools.  All the while, I’ve pursued the artist life, developing my own skills as a painter.

Considering myself a plein air painter, my studio is outside in the natural world where I need sticky eyeballs for a scene to lodge in my memory. Plein air painting appeals to my senses with an interpretation that’s strictly my narrative; a mix of the real and unreal.  My goal is to render this imprint of time and place with my own vision.  Trees may be red, streams fuchsia, prairies blue.  Mother Nature’s handiwork is everywhere outside but to capture it requires concentration and grit. More at

Heather Gambrell


I started taking printmaking classes about 15 years ago and immediately fell in love. I find the technical challenge and creative variety printmaking offers very satisfying. Although I don’t make multiples in the usual way, I do utilize printmaking to create multiple versions of the same image or idea. I like the process of printmaking and the element of surprise it offers while working under a self-imposed series of constraints. I am hoping to create new ways of seeing the same thing. I want to see the world in new ways. Printmaking allows me to do this while controlling the chaos.

Rita Guile

rita guile_portrait (1).jpg

After retiring as a senior product designer, Rita left the corporate world to dedicate herself to creating fine art paintings. She has exhibited work in various Kansas City Metro area galleries and in numerous juried exhibitions around the country and in the UK. Much of her work is focused on inequality and the oppression of women’s rights. These acrylic paintings incorporate words of abuse or painted symbols such as blinded eyes, a raised hand, and silenced mouths.

Lisa Healey

lisa healey pic.jpeg

Born in Pennsylvania, Lisa Wild Healey moved to Kansas with her young family many years ago. She has an art degree, masters in art education, and art has always been part of her life. After 25 years of teaching, she now explores art fulltime. Lisa has a reverence for nature and love of the outdoors.  Spending time there is a spiritual experience for her and all of her work is drown directly or indirectly from it. Lisa believes nature brings us beauty that can hardly be surpassed in art form, but rather art is able to express what nature inspires. She finds the soft curves and intertwining lines in nature to be enthralling and the demure and saturated colors intriguing. Lisa works both in ceramic figurative sculpture and macro photography. She puts to you these questions: why is it important to have a women’s only exhibition and what levels can young girls who love art expect to reach (with how much resistance)? Lisa hopes these questions become less important over time.

Please follow Lisa’s art at Facebook page-Lisa Wild Healey Art and

Instagram  @lisawildhealey

Sharon Hunter-Putsch

sharon hunter pIMG_2525.jpg

MA, Painting and Printmaking UMKC; BA, Studio, Avila College; KCAI; Baker University.

Hunter-Putsch was a high school art instructor and administrator for nine years, following her years in school. She then served as a Director of Admissions for KCAI and The Corcoran School of Art, in Washington, D.C., there, becoming the Associate Dean.  As Vice President and Academic Dean, of the Lyme Academy, College of Fine Arts, in Connecticut, Hunter-Putsch directed all academic, faculty and student affairs until her retirement in 2003.  Throughout the years in teaching and arts administration, her paintings, drawings, collages and prints have been exhibited in group shows, and purchased for private collections across the country and in Japan. Hunter-Putsch continues to paint her Family Heirloom commissions, creating large oil paintings, as lasting memories, from old family photos – 26 images, to date.


Laura Hurcomb

laura hurcomb pic.jpeg

As a professional photographer, visual artist, and academic instructor Laura Hurcomb is a story teller that uses multiple platforms to explore identity, perception, ancestry, dreamscapes, intimacy, and the natural world. Born in Los Angeles, California, USA to Parents at odds of diverse backgrounds which still feeds into her work. She received her BFA in Studio Art, Fiber from the Kansas City Art Institute, an MA in Studio art, Photography from the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Currently, She works as an instructor in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. More at

Mary Clara Hutchinson

mary cara hutchinson pic.jpg

Mary Clara Hutchison is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Kansas City, Missouri. Her most recent projects include House//Hold, a solo installation-based exhibition in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her work deals with tradition, ritual, obsession, and their intersection in our daily lives. 

Jennifer Hutton


In grade school my mom taught me how to draw faces and by high school they were my favorite subject to capture in drawing and painting. I went to college for Scientific Illustration but soon started a career at Hallmark. Life put a stop to my personal art creation for over a decade but turning forty made me want to revisit what I loved most in art. Painting portraits. Almost three years in and now I am working towards becoming more purposeful in the story that I am telling with my portraits. Looking forward to growing more with every year. Follow me at or @artbyjennivere .

Jamie James

Susan Kiefer


Since childhood, “making things” has always been my wellspring of happiness. Although born and raised in Kansas City, I lived on the west coast for 30 years, returning to KC in 2013. I received my BFA and MFA in Printmaking from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, but worked as a graphic designer while raising my two children. My current work is primarily oil painting, as I love the richness of color and immediacy of painting. However, printmaking and artist books continue to be important vehicles for my work. I’ve exhibited on the east and west coasts, and one of my artist books is in the permanent collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Ada Koch


Raised in Delaware, Ada Koch won scholarships to the Delaware Art Museum before studying art in DC and Chicago.  Studies at  KCAI preceded awards in US and Italian galleries.  She has been invited regularly to show in Italy and this year has been in four Open Spaces KC Expanded Field installations, most notably with her first sculpture at the National WWI Museum & Memorial

Ritchie Lynn

ritchie lynne pic.jpg

Polly Alice McCann


Polly Alice merges oil painting and soft sculpture with imperfect stitching to demonstrate the improvisational nature of relationships. Polly received her BFA in Studio Art from Messiah University near Harrisburg, PA and her MFA from Hamline University in Writing for Children and Young Adults. As an author, artist, curator and speaker and publisher, she is a multipotentialite. Her art has been published in US newspapers and magazines and is showing across the US. Visit her in North Kansas City at DesignWerx or at

Molly McGlynn

Nancy Morrison


Yvette Morton

My name is Yvette Morton from Leawood, Kansas. I have been here for over 25 years.
I am a Quilter, a fabric painter, a quilt designer, draw, knit, crochet, etc
I am a member of the Mo-Kan Heart Quilters Guild and our group is part of the “Kansas Regional Quilt Festival” since 2015 as we started. We are also the only African American Guild in the Festival with members of black and white members.

Deborah Drake-Murie

deborah murie.JPG

Mixed Media Artist, Deborah Drake-Murie, finds solace in a meditative studio practice, working intuitively with abandoned and disparate found-objects from her studio in the KC Livestock Exch. Guided by a transformative philosophy of beauty in imperfection, she explores narratives common to our shared humanity and private worlds; suffering, brokenness, longing and uncertainty, through metaphors of transcendent paradox. She studied Fine Art at Azusa Pacific Univ., Azusa, CA, with exhibitions plus collectors in several states, and enjoys facilitating contemplative + art process workshops.


ONOH is an interdisciplinary artist based in Lawrence, Kansas. Her art takes many forms - video, digital collage, performance, puppetry, and most recently creative coding. ONOH exhibits her art nationally and abroad, while also performing and teaching in Lawrence, KS. She holds a B.F.A in Expanded Media from the University of Kansas, and a B.A. in Political Science and International Studies from Baker University. She is proud to serve her community as a non-profit arts coordinator at the Lawrence Arts Center, and as a freelance puppet workshop leader. more at

Michelle Pond


I am a poet and photographer who likes sports, jazz and art inspired by other art. Since 2001, I have attended and/or volunteered with a bereavement support group; and grief is a recurring theme in my poetry. My work has appeared in publications such as Thorny Locust, The Enigmatist and Kansas Time + Place An Anthology of Heartland Poetry. I combine poems and photographs into visual art. My work has been on display most recently at The Downtown Neon Gallery, InterUrban ArtHouse, Johnson County Library's Gardner Branch, the Liberty (Missouri) Community Center and All Souls Gallery.

Christina Santner


Christina M Santner, 23, is a photographic artist based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She recently graduated from Hendrix College with a BA in Visual Arts and is currently continuing her study of photography at the University of Arkansas. Her practice utilizes a variety of photography and printmaking techniques while exploring family relationships, the particulars of grief, and its effect on our lives. An uncompromising maker and a tenacious experimenter, Christina's work investigates how photography connects us to the past and helps to make sense of our present.

DeAnna Skedel


DeAnna Skedel has been an artist and professor in Kansas City since 2002. Her wide-ranging studio practice of late has been influenced by and akin to the practice of Ikebana, the intentional meditative arranging of elements from her environment; her overlapping environments of teaching, parenting and partnering. She is drawn to Ikebana by its elevation of the rational observation of things. The value of observing delicate changes, the value of paucity. That art and arranging is a sacred link as well as a link to the sacred. She contemplates the assemblages rather than analyzing them. They are, mostly, a record of a fleeting moment, a pause to arrange. More at

Vania Soto

vania soto.JPG

Kansas City Local artist V. Soto was born in Juarez, Mexico and began selling paintings at age 13. Inspired by proud cultural icons such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, she connects with her by heritage by maintaining influential traditions from this rich past. 

Building on this theme, Day of the Dead symbolism is prevalent in her work, again as a way of connecting to the longstanding customs of her family and community and expressing its beauty through art. 

Her main media is acrylics and she also works in mixed media. She describes her work as realism with a pop of surrealism. More at

Bernadette Torres

Bernadette-Torres pic.jpg

As a storyteller I communicate with my hands, translating stories into clay. My sculptures are autobiographical narratives with animal imagery, such as Java Sparrow Finch birds as symbols of humanity, facets of myself or of others. My birds are both cheerleaders and naysayers to me. My sculptures serve as spirit guides that manifest intentions, relieve anxieties, and whisper secrets.

As a daughter of a florist, flowers are intrinsic to my sculptures they create a dialogue internal to my work. Flowers are always present and dying at monumental life changing ceremonies. Currently I am working on a “Blooming” series of soft slab hand built female nude figures with ceramic flowers and another series called “Fragrance” of Memory. Each wheel thrown large wall mounted platter is a memory that multiplies. More at

Shakendra Vann

Colleen Wagner

Dee Dee Walters