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Artist: Jason Alan Hackler

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I am Kansas City born and raised, yet the art of henna found me on the island of Hawai’i. The precision and detail of this ancient, multicultural art form made an immediate impression on me and my attributes that support illustration. As I invested in further knowledge, henna art connected me to an entire world of fellow artists. Over the years, I have become a public speaker and international teacher of workshops at henna focused conferences.

I find continuous joy in making the henna paste, as well as applying it to each living recipient, leaving a temporary decorative stain on the skin. Connecting with each client in many unique ways, the ephemeral nature of this art form allows me to share my work in a generous fashion that is mutually beneficial.

While learning and appreciating each traditional style of henna using regions, my technical direction continues towards style fusion and innovative, gender neutral design. I place the connection value of the artist and wearer above all. Adorning the skin with henna allows me to be a conduit of self-expression and appreciate the various intentions of the wearer.

Contact Information: hennabeinginfo@gmail.com

InterUrban ArtHouse Studio Hours:

Wed-Sun, 2PM - 6PM