Artist: Julie Forsyth


Julie Forsyth is a Jersey Girl who came to the midwest in 1977 to sculpt for Hallmark Cards. After retirement in 2015 she set her mind to pursue other 3 dimensional forms of visual expression, including jewelry, mosaic, glass recycled yard art and textile wearables. She can be found scouring estate sales for treasures to add to her large collection of found objects to turn into eye candy and conversation pieces for the home. She works from her home and collaborates with her fellow artists at Interurban Arthouse in Overland Park, Ks.


Art is a form of magic! The artist is an alchemist who turns materials at hand into emotion by appealing to the senses through a very personal and secret formula..

The magic begins when a medium is chosen, one with which the artist is best able to channel an inner vision. For some it is through color and tone, applied in two dimensions. For some it is through the re-shaping of the Earth’s raw materials in three dimensions.

Concern for the environment has led to an interest in recycling as much material as is practical in my work. A sense of community is brought about by combining items that have been discarded by anonymous persons, and the resulting artwork creates new forms within which these pieces will reside. Each piece in peace with it’s neighbor.

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