Emergence Queer Storytelling Night

Emergence Queer Storytelling Night


This submission form is for Emergence: Queer OpeN Mic night,Wed, July 10th, 7-830pm

 As a part of our LGBTQ Exhibition, this charity open mic night is for anyone in the LGBTQ+ community who wants to tell their stories and share their experiences, be it through poetry, literary readings, song, or traditional storytelling, in a safe, welcoming space. The majority of proceeds will be donated to Camp Hope, a charity organization helping children and families affected by HIV.

Emergence, by Merriam-Webster’s standards, is defined as “The process of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed,” or “The process of coming into being, or of becoming important or prominent.”  

This may mean coming out of the closet, or falling into truth; allowing oneself to be perceived differently or changing into a different state. Maybe all it means is to be seen and heard, shedding the layers that conceal the self and honoring your truth.


  • Do you have a story to tell? Click the button below to grab a time slot! We ask that stories/performances be kept to 10 min or less. Please keep in mind that families with minors may be in attendance that night.

If you would be interested in a storytelling workshop for a little prep before the event, please fill out the form below

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