Artist Requirements

Artists applying for space should understand the commitments of their occupancy. 

  • The occasional open studio hours will require interaction with the public, including children. Artists are expected to allow visitors to enter their space and talk to them about their creative process, technique, or other questions.
  • Artists are also required to maintain a clean, presentable, and safe studio during the open studio hours.
  • Licenses are subject to termination immediately, without refund of payment, for the violation of InterUrban’s rules and regulations (Exhibit 2.)

License Agreement Basics

  • Licensed spaces may only be used as art studio space. All other uses are prohibited. Spaces are to be maintained in a clean, sanitary, orderly and healthful condition and their use must comply with all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of all government agencies and InterUrban and the owner of the premises.
  • Licenses include basic maintenance of the building and 24-hour access,
  • Licensee shall pay InterUrban a refundable security deposit equal to one (1) month’s license fee as shown on Exhibit 1 for the space licensed. The security deposit is refundable upon surrendering the space in broom clean condition, within the discretion of InterUrban. The security deposit may not be used to pay any outstanding license fee.
  • In addition to the License fees, Licensee shall pay InterUrban a pro-rated share based on square footage to support Common Area Maintenance. Payments are made retroactively per month for common utilities and taxes, e.g. electric, plumbing, gas, services and wireless. An estimate of those costs are provided with rent chart.
  • Licenses shall renew or expire on ­­­­­ _________________________ or expire upon the violation of InterUrban’s rules and regulations, as determined by InterUrban.
  • License fees shall be as determined in Exhibit 1 and shall be due and payable on the 25th day of the month preceding the month for which a payment of the license fee is due.
  • Licenses may be terminated for any reasonable cause in the sole discretion of the Chief Executive Officer of InterUrban ArtHouse.
  • In the event Licensee is delinquent in payment of any monthly license fee, InterUrban may add a $25.00 late charge to the license fee due. Acceptance of a partial payment does not waive any license fee or late charge.
  • Licensee is not permitted to carry on any activity that emits an offensive odor, may cause a vibration of the premises or may increase a fire or other insurance rate.
  • Licensee understands that InterUrban as the owner of the premises may enter Licensee’s space at any time to inspect, repair or alter the premises and waives and claim Licensee has against them for damage to Licensee’s personal property during such inspection, repair or alteration. Licensee waives all claims against InterUrban and the owner of the premises to any damage to any of Licensee’s personal property in the studio space and assumes all risk of damage to Licensee’s personal property and for personal injury.
  • Licensee shall indemnify InterUrban and save it harmless from all suits, actions, damages, liability and expenses in connection with loss of life, bodily or personal injury or property damage arising from, or out of, or related to, any occurrence in, upon, at or from the premises, or the occupancy or use by Licensee of the premises or any part thereof, or occasioned wholly or in part by any action or omission of Licensee, his/her/its employees, agents, servants, invitees or guests. InterUrban may require Licensee to provide evidence that Licensee has appropriately insured against these risks.
  • Licenses require active use of the studio, fulfillment of required studio hours, on-time payment of license fees; maintenance of a presentable of studio space; and compliance with InterUrban’s rules and regulations.
  • Licensee understands and agrees that this License, along with the completed Application Form will be submitted to the owner of the premises.