Candace Birdsong - SISTER, nominated by Nedra Bonds.  “I am eternally grateful to my little sister. Thanks so much, for putting up with me. I know I'm more than you bargained for. You always came through for me.” Portrait by Nina Kulikov

Lacey C'DeBaca, LPN – STAFF NURSE, nominated by Beckie Moore.  “Lacey was my brain when my own did not want to work at the time of my diagnosis. Lacey, you are wonderful, you lead with your heart and that is the best part of you. You matter so much to me. Thank you for being there for me – I love you!” Portrait by Beth Houts

Judy Chastain – MOTHER, nominated by Brooke Latas.  “Mom served as my "home nurse" after surgeries and chemo treatments, cooked, cleaned, helped with kids, comforted and inspired me, and went to doctors appointments and held my hand when I was being a wuss.  :)  Thank you... deep deep gratitude.”  Portrait by Beth Houts

Tyler Brundige, MD – HUSBAND, nominated by Shari Brundige. Tyler is also a doctor, and he was able to balance caring with understanding of the difficult path ahead.  I loved you for 25 years. During my recovery I saw you love our family back to health. I’m forever grateful.”  Portrait by Billy Peters

Dr. Gregory Crane, MD – ONCOLOGIST, nominated by Susan Fehlig. “From the moment Dr. Crane first walked in to the exam room I knew I was in the caring hands of an amazingly talented and compassionate Oncologist.  You have made such a positive impression, not just during my cancer journey but in my life.” Portrait by John English

Toni Bezler, RN– ONCOLOGY NURSE, nominated by Carman Stalker.  “We always joked that we wish we were at happy hour not in the chemo treatment center…. Your impact on me during my treatment was bigger than you think.  I didn't look forward to getting my chemo treatment but I did always look forward to seeing you.” Portrait by Mitch Bolander

Casey Anchors – HUSBAND, nominated by Robin Anchors.  “Casey was my "anchor"-- my rock!  He went to every appointment, biopsy, treatment, and follow up visit.  He held me when I was scared. Prayed for me and with me. He took such good care of me.” Portrait by Jason Ebberts

Jessi Davis – LIVESTRONG INSTRUCTOR, nominated by Robin Latimer.  “You will never know the impact you had on my life. What you do is SO important and I am grateful that you and your team were a part of my healing journey.”  Portrait by Jason Ebberts

Donna Freisinger-Loyd, RN – NURSE NAVIGATOR, nominated by Lorraine Butler.  “You’re responsive and pro-active in many areas.  You called to check on me, let me know about things going on, listened to my concerns.  Thank for you listening.” Portrait by Angie Jennings

Doris Tolbert – MOTHER, nominated by Lorraine Butler.  “Thank you, Mom, for everything. For fussing over the kids, making sure I had something to eat... just taking care of us.” Portrait by Angie Jennings

Jim Perrin – HUSBAND, nominated by Kristen Perrin Ruthstrom.  “When my mom was going through cancer treatments, my dad never left her side. He attended every appointment/treatment, cared for her, made every meal even if she couldn't bear to eat and showed us the true meaning of strength and compassion.”  Portrait by Polly Alice

Judee Rettler – FRIEND, nominated by Pam Kouba.  “You’re a caring, supportive "bestie" that was there from the first day, literally, that I got the call, to the last day of my radiation treatments…. Thank you! Your friendship and support meant more to me than you'll ever know! Love you!!”  Portrait by Joy Baker

Tammy Neblock-Beirne, MDBREAST SURGERY SPECIALIST, nominated by Pam Kouba.  “Thank you, Thank you! You are an incredible surgeon, but more importantly, an amazing person. I always felt so calm in your presence and never, ever felt uncomfortable or rushed….  I was so blessed to be in "the best of hands". Thank you for everything!”  Portrait by Joy Baker

Cross First Sisterhood – (Cathy Morris, Caryn Clements, Mary Valentine, Glenda DeFlon, Susan Abelm, Stephanie Makalous, Connie Gregory), nominated by Joy Campbell.  “From the first day of diagnosis, this group of ladies has been by my side – cheering me on/listening to my story and supporting me beyond what anyone could imagine or believe.” Portrait by Tom Styrkowitz

Jay Roberts – HUSBAND, nominated by Elizabeth Roberts.  “I was most concerned with the idea of not being able to take care of my babies. Jay took leave from his demanding job and really stepped up to the plate…. and really took all the worries off my plate.” Portrait by Jessi Macko

Kristin Perrin Ruthstrom - DAUGHTERnominated by Billie Perrin.  "My little girl's hands that once played ball, held reading books, and found adventures became the loving young woman's hands that gave comfort and support during my life's greatest challenge."  Portrait by Jessi Macko

Rob Weir -  BROTHER, nominated by Erin Weir.  "This space isn't large enough to encompass what my brother means to me! He was always present for me. He never judged or controlled. He created a space for me to try different healing modalities." Portrait by Jessica Wiznuski