Nritya School of Indian Dance and Music


Hema Sharma established Nritya School of Indian Dance and music iwas established in Kansas City in the year 1988 at the insistence of several community members who wanted her to promote classical Indian dance. The first dance school to be established in Kansas City, Nritya has come a long way in promoting the arts and culture of India through the Midwest.  Over the course of her career as a dancer, Hema has been a dedicated performer, choreographer, teacher, and community volunteer, donating her time to spread the arts and culture of India throughout Kansas City. She is currently Artistic Director of Nritya. Hema has worked tirelessly over the past 25 years to establish the Indian community as a strong constructive ethnic presence in Kansas City. 

Nritya holds introductory workshops in Bharathanatyam specially designed to realize your dance potential. It is helpful for both children and adults to explore if they possess the inclination for dance before they enroll for a full time course. The introductory workshop is an interesting and informative package of dance and culture. Designed for the age group of 4 years and above, the classes will provide an insight into the basic structure of Bharatha natyam.  Workshops will end with a performance by the students.


  • To foster cross-cultural exchange in this multi-ethnic community, provide education, training, and arts outreach to promote, and preserve ancient culture of India through performing arts such as dance, music, theater, and other related arts.

  • To make a strong foundation of the pure dance aspects by teaching simple exercises for mind and body.

  • Teach a disciplined approach to practice sessions and expressional dance form including theory to the interested students.

  • To make this art as a part of life, and instill a passion for the arts.

  • To organize workshops and lecture demonstrations to bring awareness about this art form to the community at large.

  • To sponsor performing artists both for public performances and teaching purposes in order to enrich the learning environment

  • To provide an opportunity for the students to perform before a large audience, and to graduate as professional artists of this art form.

Contact Information: nrityakc@gmail.com or call (913) 696-0213