Likelihood of getting your preferred studio space pivots on early and complete application, appropriateness of studio practice to studio availability, and our desire to be inclusive and diverse.  

ArtHouse CEO and Founder will make the final decisions regarding available space and matching appropriate studio spaces to artists working practice. 

  • MONDAY APRIL 17, 2017- Application deadline 

  • MONDAY APRIL 24, 2017- Call to Finalists, set interviews and confirm the Credit application & fee. 

  • WEDNESDAY APRIL 26, 2017- Finalists’ Credit Check payment and applications must be in-hand 

  • May 1-7, 2017- Week of interviews 

  • MAY 7-12, 2017 Committee uses a point system to weighs criteria and rank applications 

  • FRIDAY May 12, 2017 – Finalists’ notified. Licenses and other documents provided. 

  • MAY 15-19, 2017 – Studio visits and assignments. 

  • JUNE 1, 2017 Deposits and Licenses due. 

  • JULY 1, 2017 or sooner, if possible - Move-in date target 

  • We will send a notification letter in which we will endeavor to give a clear explanation of our decisions.        

All License fees are paid one month in advance; common charges are paid retrospectively in the following month and determined by the actual percentage of space Licensed to the Artist/Creative.  


See “License and Policies” for studio details. See “Deadlines and Notifications” for schedule. 



  • “Art” includes, but is not limited to: 

Painting, drawing, sculpture, book arts, printmaking, mixed-media, 

Literature, poetry, photography, music composition, architecture, graphic arts, film, video, fiber/textiles, digital/new media, jewelry, glass, choreography, musical composition, performance, costume/fashion design, set design, etc. 


  • “Artist/Creative” is a person who:  

regularly and consistently works on their creative practice(s), not simply as a hobby, but it does not need to be their only source of income.  



  • See License and Policies for studio details. See Deadlines and Notifications for schedule. 

  • Likelihood of getting your preferred studio space pivots on early and complete application, appropriateness of studio practice to studio availability, and our desire to be inclusive and diverse.  

  • Applications without sufficient supporting materials may not be reviewed. 

  • Before you fill out this application please read ArtHouse “Mission & Vision” and “Eligibility & criteria for selection” below. 

  • Original artwork will not be accepted.  Submitted materials will be handled with care, but InterUrban ArtHouse cannot assume responsibility for lost or damaged materials. 



  • Finalists who are chosen for an interview must first submit  -------$ for a 3rd-party credit check before the deadline on April 26, 2017, if you are invited to the interview stage.  

  • From information gathered in the Interview, the ArtHouse will determine the chosen artists and the priority order of studio choices available to those artists. InterUrban reserves the right to consider other factors in extending offers. 

  • Upon agreeing to License a particular studio, the Artist/Creative is required to pay a returnable deposit equal to one month’s license fee, plus first month’s License fee.  


[Symbol] Complete Application 

[Symbol] Resume 

[Symbol] Statement 

[Symbol] Digital work samples or links.  

[Symbol] Self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage to return submitted materials.  

[Symbol] You may also include, a business plan or support materials such as reviews, etc. 


  1. Application Form. (Shared studios are permitted if all artists have gone through the selection/permission process.)  

  1. An up-to-date resume including: 

  1. training, education 

  1. work history  

  1. accomplishments, e.g. exhibitions.  

  1. Indicate your role and length of involvement in: working in studio groups, educational environments, mentoring, workshops, residencies, curating, Artist/Creative led projects, arts organizations; events, or collaborative ventures. 

  1. Statement (no more than 300 words or 1-page) about your commitment to, and how you fulfill, the criteria, e.g. your plans for potential projects; your expectations of the ArtHouse staff. Describe potential contributions to the program/community of resident artists, including specific skills, strengths, interests, and experiences to share. 

  1. Up to 7 digital samples that represent your current practice. Examples older than 3 years must be accompanied by an explanation. 

  1. Or up to 3 writing samples/excerpts for writers, no more than 5,000 words total 

  1. Or video - not longer than 5 minutes 

  1. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to have submitted materials returned.  

  1. If you have a current business plan, we encourage you to submit it as well.   

  1. Not required, but OK: publications or reviews.