Professional Development with K. State Experts
& Digital mapping with Google Outreach Expert

INTERACTIVE GOOGLE MAPPING PROJECT DOPP and InterUrban ArtHouse are creating a comprehensive and interactive digital map of the Business Incentive District of Downtown Overland Park. The Workshop Scott Lemmon, Google Outreach Expert, will teach us Google Mapping tools. You will learn how to use these tools to tell the story of your business in both words and visuals. The Project Interns will help you launch your “story” to populate our District’s Google map with information, a 360 degree video. 

For businesses in the business Incentive District of Downtown Overland Park District with a special emphasis on Creatives & Entrepreneurs. Please take a few moments to tell us your priorities! Fill out the survey form below by Monday, February 29, 2016

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The Professional Development Workshop Series will have a nominal fee that can be purchased individually or at a series discount. We will get back to you all with details and prioritized topics. If you are a Businesses Member who supports InterUrban ArtHouse, we will offer an additional discount of 20% for the attendance cost of this workshop series.

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this survey!