Artist: Anthony Oropeza


Anthony runs AOART5, a local studio that pursues masterful artistry and design on a variety of creative projects in sports art, fine art, design, character art, consulting, and web services. Anthony’s business has the central missions of putting family first, creating work with a purpose, and using talent and hard work to assist the poor, homeless, sick and uneducated in KC. Anthony and AOART5 aim for nothing short of changing the world one project at a time--and those projects are all the more astounding as they are accomplished by working nights and weekends.

In his personal work, whether he’s creating gritty yet refined sports paintings or harmonizing art and unique storytelling in his comics, design is at the center of his work. He believes that no matter the subject, be it sports or comic books, writing or murals, graphic design or web design, there will always be a need for balance, structure, and color impact. Ultimately, his goal is for the audience to emotionally connect to his pieces. Anthony believes that if a piece doesn’t connect with others, then it is just the artist’s, but if can evoke emotion from the the viewer, then the piece is the world’s. With that in mind, he designs so that the viewer doesn’t have to think, but can simply feel.

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