Orange and Green Make Yellow:  Color Theory for Painters

Instructor:  Lacey Lewis (website)

6 Sessions:  Tuesdays 6-8:00pm 5/23-6/27 |  Fee per student: $225 (all materials are included in the class fee)

25% non refundable deposit to register!

From arranging a color scheme to creating the right mixture, choosing the right colors can be a difficult task. Often painters struggle because they lack a framework for how to think about and understand color.

This class will give you the tools you need to solve both compositional and color mixing problems. Upon completion of this class students will:

  • Understand the color wheel and how it directly relates to specific paint pigments
  • Possess a concrete color vocabulary based on the Munsell system
  • Identify and utilize various color schemes and relationships
  • Learn how color choices affect the mood and focus of a painting
  • Discern how and why color changes with distance in atmospheric perspective
  • Perceive how light and shadow affect color on an object
  • Understand how to choose colors for a palette depending on your subject
  • Recognize popular palettes used by artists
  • Know the appropriate colors to mix together to achieve a desired color
color model.png

Numerous smaller studies will be completed throughout the course as students put principles learned to use. The goal is to exercise a thorough understanding of the ideas presented and gain experience with the materials in order to empower students in their work beyond the class setting.

This class is perfect for any artist who wants to gain better control over the process of painting and expand their ability to compose an image. It’s also great for those who are new to or a little intimidated by color and would gain confidence through a better understanding of how color and pigments work.