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Listening Room: Curses & Charms

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Tickets purchased in advance are only $10, get yours HERE. Tickets the night of the event are $15.

Curses & Charms: A Further Account of the Trials of Womyn with wild tales told through poetry and music. Join us for a magical night of poetry and music as only Emery Diercks, Teri Quinn & Poet Jen Harris can bring you.

Libations available for those who dare to partake

Potions, Amulets, Poetic Scripture available for purchase

Emery Diercks is a spoken word artist whose prose strikes a revenant tone with her readers and audiences. She is currently working on her second book and lives in Salina, KS with her husband and two children.

Kansas City songwriter Teri Quinn writes songs that harmonize sweet with savory, entwine lace with barbed-wire, and romance old-fashioned charm with modern grit. Quinn’s clawhammer banjo hums and hollers, and her lyrics are both celestial and cerebral. Her enchanting voice and lyricism is a timeless elevation of the feminine and fearless.

Poet Jen Harris is a professional public speaker, spoken word poet, activist, published author, founder and former host of Kansas City Poetry Slam. She is a TEDx fellow, a Button Poetry & Write About Now Poetry feature. Her work is poetic memoir, a confessional assortment of personal and adopted stories of life on and off the grid; substance use, abuse survival, coming out stories, the New Age shift in mindfulness, the cross-country migration of artists in search of paying work both plentiful and fulfilling, the demise of the corporate culture, the defiance of media-induced prepackaged lives and conversely, and the beauty created when people unite on a common front for a common purpose.