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Inspired by our rich diversity, Tangled Roots brings artists together from varied backgrounds to enhance a mutual appreciation and heighten awareness of each other’s contributions to the unique beauty of our community. Opening Reception August 17th.

Exhibiting Artists:

Aaron Sutton

Andrea DiCarlo

Anna Svoboda-Stel

Anthony Oropeza

Arzie Umali

Blanca Herrada

Camry Ivory

Cathlin McReynolds

Dave Loewenstein

Debbie Williams

Delshun Johnson

Glyneisha Johnson

isaac Tapia

Israel Alejandro Garcia Garcia

Jason Piggie

Jose Faus

Julie Forsyth

Kwanza Humphrey

Lauren Anderson

Leroy beasley

Michael Toombs

N' Ya Fritz

Nedra Bonds

Omar Al-Shams

PolyArtery Artists Collective

Rodrigo Alvarez

Sarah Garten

Sharon Roriguez

Vania Soto

Cecilia Ananya

Warren Harvey

Angelica Sandoval

Wall of Respect:

Nicole Emanuel

Baldemar Rivas

Orlando Begay

JT Daniels

Jayashree George

Robyn Nichols

Art exhibition and events about equity, inclusion & social justice. 

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2018 Multicultural Exhibition and Street Festival

One Day Multicultural Fair

Saturday Sept. 29, 2018, 8am-5pm

Art, Equity & Social Justice: Showcasing artists and organizations from our community.